Let’s face it cheap domain names can save you so much money!

Find a Cheap Domain Registrar

So, in order to buy a super cheap domain name for your website you need to find a cheap domain registrar first. Considering the fact that there are thousands of domain registrars on the internet today, it can be a challenging process to find the right one.

You need a cheap domain registrar who can offer you a list of great domain names and affordable prices. But how to find a reliable and cheap domain registrar?

The first thing you need to look for in a domain name registrar is where or not this registrar has a certification from the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers of ICANN. ICANN is known as a non-profit organization whose job is to maintain the web stable and sorted. If a certain domain registrar doesn’t have a certification from the ICANN, make sure to stay away from this registrars as you will lose both – money and time.

The next thing you should look for in a domain registrar is how much they price their top-level domains. The standard top-level domains such as .com, .biz, .edu, and others are between $10 and $50. Even though you want to save on domain registrar and you are looking for a cheap domain name, make sure to stay away from registrars who are selling top-level domains for $8. We know that this price is attractive, but it is not real.

Other things you should look for in domain registrars are customer service, quick responsiveness, secure payment system, and etc.

If you manage to find all these features in one domain registrar, don’t hesitate and hire their services as soon as you can.

How to Buy a Cheap Domain

Now that you know how to find a cheap domain registrar, it is important to know how to find a cheap domain name as well. Even though the registrar is affordable that does not mean that you should pay hundreds of dollars for a domain. Here are a few tips that can help you find a great and super cheap domain name:
Read this article and discover how you can buy great and cheap domain names for your website!

  • Don’t go with “close enough” domain names – If the domain name you want is not available, that does not mean that you need to buy a cheap domain name that is close enough to the domain you want. Take this job seriously and buy a name that is going to represent your company, your brand, your thoughts, ideas, the products and services you are selling, and etc. Make sure to avoid hyphens, domains that are almost identical to the domain of your competitor, and multiple spellings.
  • Brainstorm before you start searching – Don’t buy a domain name just because it is cheap. You need to buy a cheap domain name that you are going to use for a specific project. We recommend you to brainstorm before you start searching. Analyze keywords, have a few options in mind, see what it is trendy, and etc.
  • Buy the Domain Name for 5 Years Minimum – If you’ve managed to find a great and a cheap domain name, you need to secure that name for 5 years minimum. You may get an even lower price, you will save time of renewing, and Google will reward your commitment with a higher rank.

So, keep in mind our few helpful tips and recommendations and choose a reliable and cheap domain name registrar and a super cheap domain name for your website.


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