Get Your Adsense Account Fully Approved on Blogger Blogspot Custom Domain: Step-By-Step Guidance

Follow our helpful step-by-step guidance and discover how you can get your Adsense account fully approved on Blogger Blogspot custom domain!

We can all agree with the fact that Adsense contextual ads are preferable and best-paying program for bloggers. Even though there are many tutorials on how you can get Adsense account approval for Blogspot bloggers, you should know that getting that approval is not the easiest thing in the world. Here’s some of the most popular articles that you can check: How to Redirect a Web Page from One Domain to another Domain

Google Adsense has some pretty strict rules and policies when it comes to account approval and one of those rules is that your blog should be at list six months old. But, in some cases, there can be an exception, especially if you’ve created a high-quality and productive website. In this case, you can get an approved account easy and quickly.

One of the central problems or Blogspot bloggers is the fact that Google Adsense doesn’t really entertain the bloggers. As a matter of fact, the bloggers are irritated by this page type. A simple method to get an account with a Blogspot is to get a custom domain name, create a professional email address, and then apply for an account. According to research, this works in 70% of the time. However, if you don’t have enough money to spend on a custom domain name, here is a helpful advice which can get you an account approval.

We are going to present you a trick which you can use to get your account approved for Blogspot quickly.

So, if your Blogspot domain has sufficient posts (the minimum number of posts is 20) then it is simple to get your account approved. Also, if you have personal domain name and host, the chances of approval are high as well.

Hot to Get Adsense Account Approval: Step-By-Step Guidance

  • Purchase a custom domain name
  • Use Google Apps and create an email address
  • Add web pages like Contact, About
  • Have at least 15 well-written blog posts
  • Make sure you have a clean BlogSpot design
  • Make sure you don’t use copyright images. If you have, delete them from your blog.
  • Ensure the sidebar looks professional and clean
  • Apply for AdSense and stay patient

If you don’t get an AdSense account approval, apply again. The important thing is to stay consistent and patient until you get what you want.

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