Google Domains Provides Custom Email Addresses with Its Applications

Believe it or not – Google Domains provides custom email addresses with its applications for work integration! Read this article and discover all the details.

We think that we can all agree with the fact that Google always finds a way to surprise us, and now they did it again. Believe it or not – Google Domains provides custom email addresses with its applications for work integration and in this article, we are going to mention all important details and information you need to know about it.

So, after presenting the Beta, Google Domains is making a progress and upgrades its features by letting you create custom email addresses. Apparently, the custom email addresses should go with your registered website.

What this actually means?

It means that customers can now enter a customer email address for just 5$ per user per month. Also, Google Domains have added a few new TLDs or top-level domains such as .pizza, so you can register your own rat@pizza custom email address before someone else get to it.

And what about the apps for work integration? Is this related somehow to Google Domains and their generous offer for custom email addresses?

Well, besides offering custom email addresses, Google Domains now offer supports to Google Apps for Work as well. This means that businesses, companies, and organizations can set up online document editing, share calendars, and 30 GB of cloud storage via Sheets, Google Doc, Slides, Gmail, and mush more from the productivity array. This is a great news, right? Especially if you are a business owner and you are running a large corporation.

Also, another convenience from using this service is that you can transfer ownership as well. So, if you decide that you don’t want to manage your domain name anymore, you want to sell the domain, you don’t need that certain domain name anymore, or you simply are not interested in your domain, the service will assist you in transferring the ownership.

We already mention that Google Domains have added new top-level domains, so if you are interested in seeing the complete list of TLDs you can click here. You can get helpful information on how you can purchase the domain, how to renew your new domain, the features that are included in the price, and a complete list of TLDS and their prices. The domains start at $12 per year.

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