What’s New: Google Adjusts Every BlogSpot Domain to HTTPS

Read this article and discover how Google is showing its support and fights for a more secure web – By adjusting every BlogSpot domain to HTTPS!

If you ask what is new we can say that Google is showing its support again! By fighting for a more secure and safe web we can see that every BlogSpot domain is being transferred to HTTPS. The good news for all web owners and bloggers is that all of these changes are automatically done, which means that the user shouldn’t do anything.

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Google has managed to redirect all HTTP BlogSpot sites to the more safe and secure HTTPS version, which means that you don’t need to worry about certain people being able to locate the content on the new safer server. Google moved a large number of its domains to a secure server which again shows that Google is putting its HTTP certificates as a priority. In the perfect world, all URLs would be transferred to a more secure server, which shows how important the HTTPS is actually.

According to experts, HTTPS is crucial to the internet and online security. HTTPS protects the confidentiality and the integrity of the data sent between the visitor’s browsers and the websites. And now, we are going a step further by having a HTTPS version for BlogSpot domain blogs. By implementing this change, all visitors can access the BlogSpot domain blog they want through an encrypted channel.

We can say that this change has several benefits. Besides the fact that HTTPS is a symbol of stability and security, another benefit to all bloggers who use the BlogSpot platform is the additional or extra layer of safety and protection. This makes online visitors totally safe, especially when they can see the green letters HTTPS in the address bar. We think that we can all agree that this is something that could make us feel secure and that once we see the green lock icon we know that we have to visit that website again.

HTTPS is also important for the e-commerce websites as there are many online visitors who purchase their essentials by using these sites. If the visitors know that their personal data is protected than this visitors will probably shop from the same website again and again.

Google warns all bloggers and website owners that certain features and functionalities may not work once the HTTPS version of the website is implemented. This includes gadgets, templates, post content, and etc.

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